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Ashley Schubert has been a Realtor since 2012 and in that time, has sold over $100 Million in Oklahoma Real Estate, helping over 400 families and counting! She loves blessing clients through events and thoughtfulness! She served as a Team Leader for The Ashley Schubert Team for 4 years and then as Co-Owner of Flourish Real Estate Group for 3 years before opening her own brokerage, Bricks and Branches Realty in 2022. She believes strongly in the power of prayer, positivity, and hard work. She is an Author and Speaker and loves helping others reach their potential through goal setting and authentic living. She hosts a podcast called “Business and Babies” where she talks to other entrepreneurs who are also balancing it all. Ashley raises a family and understands the importance of faith, values, and integrity overall – through marriage, family and business endeavors. Ashley and her husband Bronson own the “Y’all Are Crazy Ranch” in Chandler, Oklahoma. 405-933-1071

“Love this real estate group! They’re constantly hustling for their clients and really make a point to create community within their circle, always hosting events for people to connect. If you’re looking for a great real estate group for you’re next home, these are your people!”

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